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srfi-196 egg added by dieggsy on Fri Oct 9 07:35:13 2020

;; 196.sld
(define-library (srfi 196)
  (import (scheme base)
          (scheme case-lambda)
          (only (srfi 1) reduce unfold xcons every concatenate)
          (only (srfi 133) vector-unfold)
          (rename (only (chicken base) assert) (assert assume)))

  (export range numeric-range vector-range string-range range-append
          iota-range range? range=? range-length range-ref range-first
          range-last subrange range-segment range-split-at range-take
          range-take-right range-drop range-drop-right range-count
          range-map->list range-for-each range-fold range-fold-right
          range-any range-every range-filter->list range-remove->list
          range-reverse range-map range-map->vector range-filter
          range-remove range-filter-map range-filter-map->list
          range-index range-index-right range-take-while
          range-drop-while range-take-while-right
          range-drop-while-right vector->range range->string
          range->list range->generator range->vector)

  (include "196.scm"))

;; srfi-196.egg
((category lang-exts)
 (license "MIT")
 (author "Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe")
 (maintainer "Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe")
 (synopsis "SRFI-196 - Range Objects")
 (dependencies r7rs srfi-1)
  (csc-options "-R" "r7rs" "-O3" "-d0"))
 (components (extension srfi-196
                        (source "196.sld")
                        (source-dependencies "196.scm"))))

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