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segmentation violation with tcp-accept added by klm` on Wed Jun 18 17:08:00 2014

[klm@kth spotify]$ cat foo.scm
(use tcp srfi-18)
(tcp-accept (tcp-listen 1230))

[klm@kth spotify]$ csi -s foo.scm
[1] 5417
[klm@kth spotify]$ nc localhost 1230
[1]+  Done                    csi -s foo.scm
[klm@kth spotify]$ csc foo.scm
[klm@kth spotify]$ ./foo &
[1] 5449
[klm@kth spotify]$ nc localhost 1230

Error: segmentation violation

	Call history:

	foo.scm:2: tcp-listen	  
	foo.scm:2: tcp-accept	  	<--
[1]+  Exit 70                 ./foo

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