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nomads error added by caolanm on Mon Jan 8 15:45:17 2018

I generated a simple migration which looks like this:

  "CREATE TABLE lists (name string)")
  "DROP TABLE lists"))

I've added a nomads.config file with PostgreSQL credentials.
When I try to run 'nomads migrate' I get:

Migrating UP

Error: (get-last-result) ERROR:  syntax error at or near "IF"
LINE 1: DROP TABLE "schema_info" IF EXISTS 

	Call history:

	library.scm:3448: print-exit54375438	  
	library.scm:2290: body3981	  
	library.scm:2292: assign	  
	library.scm:3448: current-print-length54395440	  
	library.scm:2290: body3981	  
	library.scm:2292: assign	  
	library.scm:3926: ##sys#print	  
	library.scm:3188: case-sensitive	  
	library.scm:3189: keyword-style	  
	library.scm:3190: ##sys#print-length-limit	  
	library.scm:3297: outchr	  
	library.scm:3188: g5148	  
	library.scm:3927: print-call-chain	  
	library.scm:3882: ##sys#get-call-chain	  
	library.scm:3834: ##sys#make-vector	  
	library.scm:1371: ##sys#allocate-vector	

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