how to convert this chicken 4 setup to chicken 5 egg? added by retroj- on Wed Dec 25 19:30:08 2019

;; -*- scheme -*-

;; emit an import library for our main module, then include it in the
;; compilation of the program.  this allows us to 'import' the main module
;; at runtime, giving 'load'-ed or 'eval'-ed code access to all bindings.
(compile -check-syntax -emit-all-import-libraries ccschemer.scm)
(compile -o ccschemer ccschemer-cli.scm
         -prologue ccschemer-language.import.scm
         -prologue ccschemer-color.import.scm
         -prologue ccschemer-event.import.scm
         -prologue ccschemer-layout.import.scm
         -prologue ccschemer.import.scm)

(install-program 'ccschemer
  '((version "0.1")))