Any egg is installed, error "Error: (assq) bad argument type: #!eof" added by chicken-install on Mon Apr 4 03:53:12 2022

Let us say, run "chicken-install srfi-60" in VM, the srfi-60 egg's dependence bitwise-utils is installed. But the size of the file  is 40k, and also the command "(import bitwise-utils)" in CSI can not work.The message is that "cannot import from undefined module: bitwise-utils" , but the successful installed srfi-60 on docker container, the size of the file is 44K. 

fetching srfi-60
fetching bitwise-utils
building bitwise-utils
   /root/.local/bin/csc -host -D compiling-extension -J -s -regenerate-import-libraries -setup-mode -I /root/.cache/chicken-install/bitwise-utils -C -I/root/.cache/chicken-install/bitwise-utils -O3 -d1 -strict-types -no-procedure-checks -emit-types-file '/root/.cache/chicken-install/bitwise-utils/bitwise-utils.types' bitwise-utils.scm -o /root/.cache/chicken-install/bitwise-utils/
   /root/.local/bin/csc -regenerate-import-libraries -M -setup-mode -static -I /root/.cache/chicken-install/bitwise-utils -emit-link-file /root/.cache/chicken-install/bitwise-utils/ -host -D compiling-extension -c -unit bitwise-utils -D compiling-static-extension -C -I/root/.cache/chicken-install/bitwise-utils -O3 -d1 -strict-types -no-procedure-checks bitwise-utils.scm -o /root/.cache/chicken-install/bitwise-utils/bitwise-utils.static.o
   /root/.local/bin/csc -setup-mode -s -host -I /root/.cache/chicken-install/bitwise-utils -C -I/root/.cache/chicken-install/bitwise-utils -O3 -d1 -strict-types -no-procedure-checks bitwise-utils.import.scm -o /root/.cache/chicken-install/bitwise-utils/

Error: (assq) bad argument type: #!eof